Hey everyone! Everyday for work, I commute on average about two and a half hours. Because of the nature of my job, I drive around a ton throughout the day, so I am always consuming audio. Most of the time, I listen to music. I absolutely am a music lover, but being in the car as much as I am has inspired me to find other things to listen to.

I have found a ton of great podcasts, and I really enjoy the experience of listening to interview podcasts that share real conversations and can be of inspiration. One of my favorites to listen to is by entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuck (I will warn you, he is an acquired taste). On the other hand, I love listening to Straight Up with Stassi, by Stassi of one of my guilty pleasures and favorite shows, Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules.

I decided that if I was creating my own platform to share primarily my style and ideas about fashion, I might as well experiment with other forms of media for fun. My goal for my podcast right now is to interview people I know that are doing something I find interesting. Whether that be an interesting hobby, a sought after job, or a crazy entrepreneurial endeavor, I would like to hear and share their stories.

My first victim (haha) is my friend Michael Flowers, otherwise known in the rap world as MIKUL VIBEZ. Hear his story on my very first SoundCloud post, and please, bare with me on this…if anyone has any advice on how I can make an intro/outro, please share with me!

As always, any feedback is much apprecaite & I hope you guys enjoy!

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Can you believe July is already halfway over? Me neither. After being so busy for the 4th, I need downtime to relax and enjoy my summer, which for me, means exploring the great outdoors but of course, some shopping on the side. My July mood board captures the contrast between loving getting down and dirty in the fresh air between the green trees but still wanting to rock your Gucci tee. Check it out here. Enjoy, loves!

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Red Hot: Madeworn Rock

***guys, this one is for you too!***

In my free time, I love discovering new clothing labels. For me, clothing is as cool as the unique story behind it. I appreciate creativity and thoughtfulness. Recently, I was scrolling through my Pinterest and saw these awesome patchwork shorts and knew I had to find out who made these. MWRS901JS-500x597.jpg

I love music inspired vintage clothing, but it is hard to find rock’n’roll garments that don’t look like it was made in 2017…even if it was! I also think that when wearing this look, simplicity is key. After doing my due diligence on these shorts, I finally found their homeland- MadeWorn Rock.

Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 10.14.44 PM.png

MadeWorn Rock has perfected the art of creating a delicate combination of a modern and heritage aesthetic (for men and women!). Blaine Halvorson, co-creater of the notable Junk Food Clothing, created MadeWorn in 2013. Each piece is handmade, crafted with a combination of vintage and locally sourced materials. A few bands featured on their garments include Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, Def Leppard, The Doors, Black Sabbath, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and the Rolling Stones.

Each shirt is weaved by hand with organic materials in shop in Los Angeles, each print is pressed by hand, and each tiny detail is etched- can you guess- by hand. Truly a rare commodity to come by nowadays, and definitely worth the higher price to pay. Quality cannot be beat, and MadeWorn Rock offers pieces that look like they have been around forever but will last forever, and that is priceless.

This weekend I got to see one of my favorite bands, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, rock out. I got to sport my MadeWorn Rock RHCP t-shirt.


More photos of how I styled the shirt to come… this is all I had at hand (sorry, Zack!).

I could wear this shirt everyday, it is so comfortable. It’s fit is a great balance between slightly oversized and distressed yet feminine. If you purchase, I recommend sizing down or staying true to your size.

It was very hard to find this shirt because MadeWorn is always selling out, which isn’t a surprise. If you find a shirt you love and it is sold out, try googling it by it’s exact name. Numerous boutiques in LA or NY who have an online presence will have a small inventory of these shirts- that’s how I found mine. They also love giving 10-20% off first time shoppers, which goes a long way when purchasing an item that is on the pricer side.

Checkout some of my fave pieces below. Also, please don’t be mad at me when you check the prices on some of these after you’ve already fallen in love… as they say don’t shoot the messenger! As condolences for that, checkout Brandy Melville’s graphics section, they have a dope selection of more affordable band tees.

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Secrets: Adidas Originals

Secrets: Adidas Originals

So this is going to be some short and sweet insight on where to find the best deals on Adidas Originals gear.

Adidas Originals is a sub brand of Adidas clothing. AO items are unique, limited edition, and fashion forward typically designed for a street style look with less focus on durability and performance as your typical Adidas clothing would. They do a ton of cool collaborations, most recently with Alexander Wang.

My aesthetic is very colorful so AO’s pieces stand out to me as must haves. Every time they release new pieces, I’m obsessed! The first purchase I made was a watercolor patterned pull-over shown below on my insta (@nikkigiovannoni).

Cool right? It’s a great alternative to a stiff rain coat and is lightweight which is great for breezy weather. I saw this piece at Nordstrom and decided to hold off on purchasing it because I was not willing to spend what it sold for. I searched online consistently to see if the price would go down, but since Adidas is always coming out with new Originals collections, they are very hard to find. That is what makes them desirable, because not everyone has it, which is super cool.

Two months later from when I first saw this pullover, I walked into my local Akira store. I found that they had a huge selection of Adidas Originals…all on sale! Including this pullover that I wanted for so long. I check back in Akira every so often, and their sale rack is always full of AO. 10/10 would recommend.

My other favorite AO item is this long sleeved t-shirt.

I saw this at Nordstrom and again, waited it out. I went to a PacSun outlet store and there it was for only $15! PacSun’s full line stores sell great gear, too, but their outlet cannot be beat.

I hope this helps your AO swag hunt! Let me know if I helped 🙂

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Baby, You’re A Firework

Baby, You’re A Firework

…or at least you will be after you check out these amazing 4th of July finds.

4th of July under $100 playful.png

  1. This Missguided dress is simply adorable. Detailed with tiny stars, you will be festive yet comfortable. Perfect for a day-to-night look paired with white kicks or small platform wedges to stay comfortable without compromising style. If you are a student, Missguided is offering a 40% discount right now. They are also doing 30% off all items using the code “allamerican”…super affordable! |$40
  2. This chic sweetheart neckline Forever 21 top is perfect for an effortless trend look. Pair with a jean skirt for a daytime look at a cookout, family party, or a breezy beach day. |$23
  3. If you haven’t ever worn flatform espadrille sandals, you are missing out. They are so easy to wear all day and night long. This pop of red color is a must for the 4th.  |$64
  4. Okay, how cute are these classic cortez Nike sneakers? These beauties are definitely a splurge item if you are just looking for a weekend outfit, but they can be worn all summer long. The red and blue give a classic look that can be paired with a dress (hint: No. 1), distressed overalls, or simple leggings for a throwback look. |$80
  5. Pair this  Free People jean mini skirt with a simple white tank for a Jennifer Aniston girl-next-door look. |$50
  6.  These Free People exclusive daisy sunglasses are a fun way to put an out of the box twist on the typical red, white, and blue look. |$30
  7.  Count on Nordstrom to have the trendiest denim. Pair white frayed hem denim shorts with a crop top and simple sandals. |$48
  8. This Topshop embroidered gingham crop top would look super cool with No. 7 jean shorts and a gold layered necklaces with some gold hoops. |$35

As always, I would love any comments or suggestions you have! If you happen to purchase any of my suggestions, send me a pic at styledbynikkig@gmail.com or hashtag #styledbynikkig 😊

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Malibu Wine Safari: Party Animals


My first official trip to Los Angeles is one I will always remember. A year ago, my talented best friend moved to West Hollywood to pursue a career in singing (if you are into Amy Winehouse/Rihanna vibes…check her out here ☺). I finally got the chance to visit her and explore beautiful California. I was so excited to see LA, and it exceeded my expectations by far. I am already planning when I can come back!

During my time in the SoCal area, my now-native friend planned a perfect week full of driving down the coast to see the most special places! Malibu was our first stop. Our hostess had signed us up for a Wine Safari in the middle of the ‘bu valleys. We got to take a tour of a truly gorgeous estate called Saddlerock Ranch while driving through the vineyards in an open safari truck!

The tour included tastings of locally sourced wines, allowing us to taste the flavors of the of the Santa Monica Mountains we were touring! We also got to feed alpacas, bison, zebras, and camels. My girls and I had a blast, and we had even more fun dressing for the occasion.

It was super sunny out, as Cali is expected to be, so I rocked my Prada sunnies that I found on sale at Nordstrom. A great trick to seeing the best deals Nordy has going on is to search “price match” in the bar. It is surprising to see how many great deals they offer on a daily basis.

Recently, I went into Old Navy with my mom and sister just for fun. I noticed that they had a few hidden gems, and for a good price too! I decided to purchase a jean dress, which ended up being the perfect silhouette for the Wine Safari.

I accessorized with my mom’s vintage Louis Vuitton ‘Speedy’ bag, some inexpensive Forever 21 slides, a black bandana tied around my neck, and of course my pretty Shinola timepiece (more on Shinola to come soon!). Check out my photo diary of my day below:


Shop my look here:

Ruffle-Trim Jean Dress

PRADA Round Gold-Tone Gradient Sunglasses

Black Bandana

Thin Gold Watch

Simple Black Slides

Vintage Louis Vuitton Monogram ‘Speedy’ Bag


I would love if you commented below your thoughts and suggestions! Sharing is strongly encouraged as well.

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Blue Moons & New Tunes: June Mood Board

Blue Moons & New Tunes: June Mood Board

Summer has finally arrived and for me, that means exploring the city from day to night. Rolling with the punches without a plan on a summertime day into the breezy night feels nostalgic and magical. Imagine sippin’ on a Blue Moon while the music guides your night. My June mood board captures that feeling that is too good to put into words. Let me show you here. Enjoy, loves!

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