Long Distance Friendship

You spend an unhealthy amount of time with your best friends in college and then after those quick 4 years (give or take 1 year or 2- no shame) are done, you find yourself without anyone to grab a stein of beer for $5 on the weekday with. Friendship accessibility is what I miss the most. I can go just fine without sharing a 5 bedroom apartment with 6 girls and fighting over dirty dishes, but not being able to hangout with my friends at basically any given moment is difficult to adjust to. Living at home and working full time is basically the opposite of what college is. This is not a bad thing- I was lucky to have a 4 year vacation before the grind started which I can gracefully bow out and can close the curtain on. The memories are priceless (I mean this literally, shoutout to my favorite bartender, Tori, for never making me pay a dime at Summit) and the friendships are forever. Graduation happens, and your people move near and far to different places for various opportunities and reasons. You’ve heard this all before and I am not going to write another sappy post of how you should be thankful for your squad. BUT, I do want to share a few tips on how to maintain a long distance friendship and keep the #squa in cahoots.


Hope this can refresh your LD friendships. What do you guys do to keep in touch with your friends?

xo ♡ SBNG


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