Hey everyone! Everyday for work, I commute on average about two and a half hours. Because of the nature of my job, I drive around a ton throughout the day, so I am always consuming audio. Most of the time, I listen to music. I absolutely am a music lover, but being in the car as much as I am has inspired me to find other things to listen to.

I have found a ton of great podcasts, and I really enjoy the experience of listening to interview podcasts that share real conversations and can be of inspiration. One of my favorites to listen to is by entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuck (I will warn you, he is an acquired taste). On the other hand, I love listening to Straight Up with Stassi, by Stassi of one of my guilty pleasures and favorite shows, Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules.

I decided that if I was creating my own platform to share primarily my style and ideas about fashion, I might as well experiment with other forms of media for fun. My goal for my podcast right now is to interview people I know that are doing something I find interesting. Whether that be an interesting hobby, a sought after job, or a crazy entrepreneurial endeavor, I would like to hear and share their stories.

My first victim (haha) is my friend Michael Flowers, otherwise known in the rap world as MIKUL VIBEZ. Hear his story on my very first SoundCloud post, and please, bare with me on this…if anyone has any advice on how I can make an intro/outro, please share with me!

As always, any feedback is much apprecaite & I hope you guys enjoy!

xo ♡ SBNG

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