Secrets: Adidas Originals

This is going to be some short and sweet insight on where to find the best deals on Adidas Originals gear.

Adidas Originals is the cool new sub-brand of Adidas clothing. Adidas Originals (AO) items are unique, limited edition, and fashion forward. Typically designed for a street style look, they have less focus on durability and performance as classic Adidas clothing would. They score high-end collaborations with luxury brands, most recently with Alexander Wang.

My aesthetic is very colorful so AO’s pieces stand out to me as must haves. Every time they release new pieces, I’m obsessed! The first purchase I made was a watercolor patterned pull-over shown below on my insta (@xstyledbynikkig).

Cool right? It’s a great alternative to a stiff rain coat and is lightweight which is great for breezy weather. I saw this piece at Nordstrom and decided to hold off on purchasing it because I was not willing to spend what it was selling for. I searched online consistently to see if the price would go down, but since Adidas is always coming out with new collabs and collections, they are very hard to find. That is what makes them desirable- not everyone has it.

Two months later from when I first saw this pullover, I walked into my local Akira store. I found that they had a huge selection of Adidas Originals…all on sale! Including the colorful pullover that I had wanted for so long. I check back in Akira every so often, and their sale rack is always full of AO. 10/10 would recommend.

My other favorite AO item is this long sleeved t-shirt.

I saw this at Nordstrom and again, waited it out. I went to a PacSun outlet store and there it was- for only $15! PacSun’s full line stores sell great gear, too, but their outlet cannot be beat.

I hope this helps your AO swag hunt! Let me know if I helped 🙂

xo ♡ SBNG


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