Malibu Wine Safari: Party Animals


My first official trip to Los Angeles is one I will always remember. A year ago, my talented best friend moved to West Hollywood to pursue a career in singing (if you are into Amy Winehouse/Rihanna vibes…check her out here ☺). I finally got the chance to visit her and explore beautiful California. I was so excited to see LA, and it exceeded my expectations by far. I am already planning when I can come back!

During my time in the SoCal area, my now-native friend planned a perfect week full of driving down the coast to see the most special places! Malibu was our first stop. Our hostess had signed us up for a Wine Safari in the middle of the ‘bu valleys. We got to take a tour of a truly gorgeous estate called Saddlerock Ranch while driving through the vineyards in an open safari truck!

The tour included tastings of locally sourced wines, allowing us to taste the flavors of the of the Santa Monica Mountains we were touring! We also got to feed alpacas, bison, zebras, and camels. My girls and I had a blast, and we had even more fun dressing for the occasion.

It was super sunny out, as Cali is expected to be, so I rocked my Prada sunnies that I found on sale at Nordstrom. A great trick to seeing the best deals Nordy has going on is to search “price match” in the bar. It is surprising to see how many great deals they offer on a daily basis.

Recently, I went into Old Navy with my mom and sister just for fun. I noticed that they had a few hidden gems, and for a good price too! I decided to purchase a jean dress, which ended up being the perfect silhouette for the Wine Safari.

I accessorized with my mom’s vintage Louis Vuitton ‘Speedy’ bag, some inexpensive Forever 21 slides, a black bandana tied around my neck, and of course my pretty Shinola timepiece (more on Shinola to come soon!). Check out my photo diary of my day below:


Shop my look here:

Ruffle-Trim Jean Dress

PRADA Round Gold-Tone Gradient Sunglasses

Black Bandana

Thin Gold Watch

Simple Black Slides

Vintage Louis Vuitton Monogram ‘Speedy’ Bag


I would love if you commented below your thoughts and suggestions! Sharing is strongly encouraged as well.

xo ♡ SBNG

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